Preventive Arrests in Copenhagen

"Climate cages". Photo by Jens Noergaard Larsen/Scanpix, via Reuters.

Copenhagen, Dec 14- Violence is expected to escalate on the streets of Copenhagen over coming days as climate activists, angered by the “pre-emptive” arrest of almost 1,200 protesters over the weekend, consider more radical forms of protest. Under new powers, Danish police have the power to detain anyone they suspect might break the law in the near future for up to 12 hours.

Crikey today witnessed an entire 230-person strong climate change demonstration placed under arrest, although there was no sign of violent behaviour by the protesters.  According to the Danish police, the protest had not been authorised; however, until the arrests, police officers had facilitated the progress of the march and told activists they would be allowed to continue.

Journalists and even a jogger are believed to be among those now being housed in the special steel cages brought in for COP15.


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